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uS Team celebrates the opening of its brand new website !

on September 28th 2017, 1:44 am

Ladies and gentlemen,

The uS Team is glad to welcome you on its new website and forums ! cheers

We hope you will enjoy your new talking place.

These website and forums are the ideal place to make our community known to the rest of the world, the ideal place to meet/shaire/talk with other people, making new friends, create special events and competitions, develop our strategies etc. ...

uS Team will soon welcome its first inner competition : the uS Team's "Cat's Competition". You'll hear more about this competition really soon !

Now, it's time to settle on our new forums ! Why not making a presentation of you in the Visitors' Bar ? How about organising trainings and matches in the SWAT4 Matches forum or in the uS Team's Calendar ?

There's a lot to do together, and we will do a lot of history all of uS.

We look forward to see you soon on our website, forums and Discord channel, and take care !

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