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administrator request! Empty administrator request!

on August 10th 2018, 7:58 pm
Well first of all good morning for me and good afternoon or night for you, this request is simple because there is little activity of members or admins, and I usually be an active player, I am making this request to control the servers since I am a veteran player in the swat as in life!
There are certain managerial roles that I would like to improve since there are admins or little aggressive or too aggressive and we must be neutral!
and to give rookies the opportunity to learn and be good players so as not to be abused by cheaters
because the idea is that the game is balanced between people who know and not, then you give up
Especially if you are a rookie you will hate the game
and I do not like the disrespect that we get from many other clans, which I noticed from part of set and fbs, we have a lot in iwinthey they do not respect each other -_- as if we were crap, so all that I'm saying is:

* prevent cheats from cheating

* respect each other and, especially, all members

* and to stop Racism, Hate, in iWin

* to give novices the opportunity to learn in IWin
* to teach many administrators how to take a good admin.

* to control the activities and feel more included in the clan!

with all respect to the founders;

SA and administrators.

If they want to give me Superadmin I do not get angry. V pdt the masters!
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administrator request! Empty Re: administrator request!

on September 16th 2018, 7:27 am
The applicant has left uS SWAT Team and uS SWAT Team's official Discord because he has been caught cheating in game.

This application is once and for all DENIED.
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