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Administrator's Charter Empty Administrator's Charter

on May 28th 2018, 10:37 pm
Administrator's Charter Offici11

Dear members and visitors, in this official topic, you'll see the rules Administrators and Super Administrators will have to respect on our uS Swat Team official servers.

These rules anticipates all the infractions that could be made on our servers and the corresponding sanction.

Rules must be obeyed. No admin can give other sanction than the one that is made for this only infraction.

If, as a member/visitor, you are suffering of a sanction that is not planned in this charter, you should make an appeal on our forums at this link : > clic here <.




 1.Administrators are representing the whole uS SWAT Team by their actions,  their duty is to serve the team whom gives them their power. They are selected  for their loyalty to uS Team and its community.

 2.  Administrators, when they are using their powers to give sanctions, must use one of the following rules. Administrators cannot give a sanction that is not written in the following rules.

 3. Any administrator giving a sanction that is not planned by the following rules is an administrator abusing his powers.

 4. An administrator using his role to make a vote pass instantly is abusing his powers.

 5. An administrator abusing his powers will lose his status permanently and could be removed from the uS SWAT Team memberlist.

 6. Administrators must be active on their duty. If not, they will be removed from their role after a collegiate decision from the Founders.

 7. If an Administrator communicates his personnal password to anyone else, he will be permanently banned from our community.

 8. Each new administrator will have to pass a trial period in order to become a permanent administrator.

 9.  Administrators' immediate superiors are the Super Administrators.

 10. Super Administrators' immediate superiors are the uS SWAT Team Founders, they are sovereign and their decisions are irrevocable.

 11. Super Administrators and Founders are the only ones who can restart the server.

 12. Server's Techs are considered as member of the administration team.

 13. If an Administrator communicates his personnal password to anyone, he will be permanently banned from our community for high treason.


 14. Administrators must warn a player at least two times before they give any sanction.

 15. Teamtasers must be forced no taser.

 16. Teamstingers/gasers/flashers must be forced to no grenades.

 17. Team arrest-killers must be forced forced less lethal weapons.

 18. Spamming, insulting, racists, troll players must be kicked. If they reconnect and repeat the offence, they must be banned.

 19. Hackers must be banned.


 20. Members and visitors must respect the server rules and respect every person, even the administrators.

 21. Members and visitors must report by any way players committing offenses written in rules 8 to 12.

 22. Members and visitors can make an appeal on our forums if they believe they have been victim of an administrator abusing his powers.


The uS SWAT Team's Founders and Adminstration Team.
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